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Purchasing points, items, or other in game cash or items is safe and secure. PlayOMG guarantees the authenticity of the product and its delivery upon payment.

Digital items purchased on PlayOMG’s item mall have no implicit value. PlayOMG does not offer refunds, warrantees, or accepts returns even in the case a specific game is discontinued in the future (PlayOMG will notify users in advance of a game’s discontinuation).

Upon purchasing an item, PlayOMG guarantees that it will function as stated only within the game it was made for. Game items are not transferrable among other games unless specified as such.

Game points and items may be purchased as gifts to exchange to others. Such transfers are legal and PlayOMG insures such transactions are completed correctly.

PlayOMG does not guarantee player to player transactions nor guarantees items purchased in game or on its game mall from theft. Please protect yourself and your account from people seeking to steal your items and or account. PlayOMG has the right to decline or block users from purchasing on its Item Mall for any reason.

Such restrictions from purchasing on the Item Mall could be due to failure to pay previously, denial by a payment provider, possible fraudulent activity, or other reasons.

It could also originate due to questionable,incorrect, conflicting, or insufficient data.

Such a denial does not necessarily reflect on a lack of credit worthiness by the purchaser or a judgment by PlayOMG, but may be simply due to a variety of reasons including insufficient or incorrect data, additional requirements, verification, or errors in payment processing.